What Does The Future of Email Marketing Look Like in 2023?

We are living in the digital era, and it is a known fact that the most powerful promotional tools have a way to make a comeback through future marketing trends. This form of internet marketing came into trend in 1978 itself when it first came onto the scene.

Email marketing has been considered one of the most operational, scalable, and efficient marketing strategies in today’s market.

But the biggest head-scratcher is the question of whether this channel will still be as effective, as efficient, and as profitable in the year 2023.

Well, email marketing is here to stay and trends like hyper-personalization and email redesign will change your campaign for the better. A successful strategy will boost your brand and your email metrics. Prioritize user-generated quality content and data privacy to build customer trust.

Moreover, artificial intelligence is also up and coming.

In our newest blog, we will be discussing the various email marketing trends that saw a rise in the past five years and whether they will still be the keys to your next marketing campaign along with a little extra scoop.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dig in.


    1/ 2018-2022, A Recap of The Most Popular Trends 2/ Trends To Watch Out For in 2023 3/ Advantages of A Successful Email Strategy 4/ Why You Need To Prioritize Email Marketing !! 5/ Artificial Intelligence - A New Era?

    Let’s be honest, we all went through that phase where we thought that email marketing was dead, however, the statistics did not support that statement.

    People saw dozens of email marketing solicitations flooding their mailboxes, every single day. However, this influx of email created trust issues within the recipients- today only marketers who follow organic strategies get to be on top of their game.

    Let us look at a few of the most popular yet simple strategies of the last five years that are still very much in trend and will continue to be in:

    1. The takeover of User Generated Content was one of the biggest marketing trends that saw a rise in the past five years. User-generated content (UGC) delivers brands with an innovative opportunity to market their goods and services while building relationships with the focused market.
      Not only that, but it has also proven to have increased conversion rates. Authenticity is the key feature of this strategy and statistics have shown that it gives favorable results!
    2. The concept of less is more has always been held at a controversial point of view, however, it made a lot of sense. With the switch to mobile readability and usability, short and snapped copies were being preferred.
      Statistics showed that content that kept beating around the bush led to the emails being closed mid-reading. Another trend that we suggest you include in your next email marketing campaign.
    3. Hyper-personalization is one of those trends that have always played a role in boosting email marketing metrics. Customization means adjustment to the values of each recipient separately, based on their unique preferences and interests.
      Simply putting the recipient’s first name at the beginning of the email does not get the work done. The usage of real-time data is recommended to create custom and dynamized content for the customers. That is when you know your marketing campaign is on its way to success.
    4. The next generation (and well, the current) will not really take pleasure in formal scripts. There has been an increase in the usage of conversational emails in the past five years and trust us, this way works!
      A part of customization is also being on the same level as your customers. An informal email with a conversational tone is always a preference for the B2C segment.
    Email Trends in 2023 - Growth Chime

    Whilst the trends that were popular in the last five years are still truly relevant and will be in 2023, there are still some strategies that we recommend you get familiar with if you are not yet already:

    1. Email Redesign – It is one of the biggest trends to watch out for. That is right! Merely customizing the content is not enough now, you have got to up your game with a little more style.
      Minimalism is the most popular aesthetic now and we suggest you optimize your content area in a clean, decluttered manner, using minimum space.
      Dynamic gifs are another feature that is set to change the email arena for the better!
      Moreover, statistics predict that brands will soon use illustrated iconography to enhance the user experience.
    2. Use WhatsApp – You can also add real-time WhatsApp messaging to the mix, it is almost 2023 and WhatsApp and emails complement each other now. It is a known fact that customers tend to read WhatsApp faster than emails, hence it is a promising idea to keep sending updates about sales, tracking, events, and more.
      Sending WhatsApp messages that are directly tied to the emails you send out can also boost your open rates.
      Thus, this could prove to be an effective strategy. (Note: Sending WhatsApp depends upon your Brand and TG, it could have a negative impact!)
    3. Prioritize Privacy – This may come into more of the legal obligation arena rather than a trend – but we could not help but remind you how important this point is. Customers always prefer brands that keep taking initiatives for the betterment of their data protection.
      Moreover, to enhance data privacy, support the subscribers with a choice to unsubscribe or change their email preferences.
    4. Try Interactive Emails – A particularly important segment of enhancing the productivity of an email is its interactivity. For maximized engagement, we recommend you create your emails as interactive as you can in 2023.
      No, we are not talking about cluttering up the space – we are talking about using interactive elements while keeping minimalism in mind. Some examples would be carousels, quizzes, animated CTA buttons, surveys, and more. (Use AMP email technology by Google)

    3/ Advantages of A Successful Email Strategy

    A refined and smart email marketing strategy is always rewarding. A successful strategy is one that is driven by organic growth and all the latest marketing trends. These marketers show the highest email deliverability rates and yield the desired results.

    A great strategy ends up boosting all its metrics and results show that they affect your sender reputation positively. Various statistical reports suggest that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, it generates $38 or more if you are using the correct strategy.

    In fact, for the past ten years in a row, successful email campaigns have been the source that produces the highest return on investment for brand marketers. A surprising stat: Email is forty times more efficient at obtaining new clients than Facebook or even Twitter.

    The right blend of email marketing trends can be used to establish which customers are no longer engaged in your brand or doing business with it. At the initial stages, email marketing strategies let customers pay a sum or oblige by signing a contract. From then on, brands try to switch first-time clients into repeat customers.

    It even identifies devoted customers who interact with your brand recurrently and make repeated purchases. The latest trends can encourage this high-value group of recipients through loyalty offers, advantages, limited-time offers, and exclusive invites to events.

    Hence, the correct email marketing strategies end up being the ones that lead to flexible, scalable, and the most cost-efficient campaigns. A successful marketing campaign will always do wonders for your brand.

    Remember, the oldest marketing techniques combined with the latest trends are a goldmine!

    4/ Why You Need To Prioritize Email Marketing !!

    Here is why you need to continue with email marketing and the burning billion-dollar question:

    Is Email Marketing Still A Powerful Channel In 2023? Does It Drive Any Growth For Brands?
    Yes – Emails are still a powerful channel & it’ll drive growth for any brand. It may be one of the oldest marketing tools, but it is here to stay.

    It is still the top marketing channel to boost your business. Email users are expected to top 4 billion by the end of 2024, so marketing to the growing audience is your best bet to grow your brand.

    With an ROI of more than 4400%, strategizing your email campaigns should be your priority. A massive number of marketers, around 90% to be precise classify email as their top lead generation strategy.

    Here are some stats that will draw you closer to your email marketing journey:

    • There are more than four billion daily email users.
    • More than 35% of the existing brands are prioritizing email marketing.
    • Around 80% saw an increase in their engagement in the last year.
    • Smartphone users prefer brand communication via email.
    • As you increase your strategic plans, your ROI also increases.

    5/ Artificial Intelligence – A New Era?

    Artificial Intelligence - A New Era? - Growth Chime

    Artificial Intelligence is the latest advent and naturally, it had to play a role in email marketing as well. Before you ask us, yes, it is as cool as it sounds!

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) in email marketing is where data and customer behavior are used to structure campaigns, inspire subject lines, and copy, and make sure every message is custom-made specifically for that reader. In simpler words, it is like having a fully accurate copywriter right by your shoulder while you are busy creating an email marketing campaign.

    Combining AI and email marketing tactics are going to be huge since the best features of both structures will be combined. AI can effectively predict future analytics to track & optimize your campaigns based on engagement and consumer behavior.

    AI can efficiently time your emails, predict analytics, generate catchy headlines, and run automated multivariate tests and that is just the tip of the iceberg- but well, more on that later!

    Wrap Up

    To wrap it up, all we can say is that email marketing is here to stay, and you will be needing the latest trends and strategies more than ever in 2023. Your next campaign needs to be an amalgamation of all strategies at your disposal, then only can you establish a successful marketing ground for your brand.

    We hope that this blog was insightful to you. Good luck with your next marketing venture!

    So, how many of these trends did you already know about?


    1. Should I divide my email list into segments?
      Yes, segmentation is highly encouraged since it leads to personalization. Segmenting your email lists will help them influence the target audiences, offer the right promotions, and get improved open and click rates. It also helps in driving a much-increased engagement and in delivering better quality emails.
    2. What is a better way to format emails? HTML or Plain Text?
      While HTML is preferred for B2C communication, we recommend the plain text for B2B clients due to its more formal delivery. HTML emails have the whole lot that plain text emails do not: colors, images, and multimedia.
    3. How to improve my call-to-action (CTA)?
      Primarily, there are three keys of any CTA to focus on: copy, placement, and design. The ultimate task is to make it stand out. It must grab the attention of the recipient. It is vital to make your CTA as functional as possible to drive clicks and engagement.
    4. How long should my emails be?
      We recommend you refer to the ‘less is more’ concept when it comes to the length of your content. However, that does not mean that you lack substance. Your emails need to be long enough to convey your message with substance and short enough that people do not lose interest. It must look effortless.
    5. What are the major metrics to track to check my progress?
      The four major metrics that give you the overall performance of your email marketing campaign are: inbox rate, spam report, bounce rate, and lastly, the unsubscribes metric.

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