Performance Marketing

The new customer market is in the Social Media.

Paid social is a performance marketing strategy that uses social media platforms to reach your target audience and achieve measurable results, such as customer acquisition, lead generation, and increased conversion rates. It is a future-proof solution for growing your business online.

Today, it's not about you... It's about them!

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Why Choose GrowtthChime for Performance Marketing?

...because we work on core areas that restrict your growth

You’re no where for your customers.

You scroll 1000 reels a day, but only remember the ones that engage you. Engagement is key!

You haven’t gained their trust yet.

Build brand awareness to gain trust and confidence, which leads to sales. Sell Yourself!

You’re chasing the wrong the herd.

Tailor your message to your audience. Address their needs, wants and interests.

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Our Stratergies

Reduce the Bounce Rates

Increase the Conversion Rates

Working on CRM Data

Get Optimised Workflow

Convert the cold leads to warm leads

Build Relationsihps and Establish Trust

Work on Targeted Audience

Increase the Conversion Rates

The campaigns we lead to achieve results

Brand Awareness


Generation Campaigns

Install Campaigns


We work on different KPIs to offer our clients the best results

Click-Through Rates (CTR)
LifeTime Vale (LTV)
Cost Per Mile (CPM)
Cost Per Conversion
Cost Per Click (CPC)